Kim Colwell, transformative interior designer, Los Angeles.

Transformational Interior Design

Known for developing transformational interior design, Kim Colwell draws upon a spiritual pedigree and naturalist family lineage to create intuitively cultivated work that brings forth powerful transformation.

Our customizable interior design services fuse ancient-meets-modern methodology with sacred practice. We offer in-person or virtual full-service interior design, short focused transformative consulations and an extensive roster of workshops.

Transformative interior design by Kim Colwell, CA.

Design for the Body

Employing Kim’s fine art background to express your story with bespoke artistry saturated with signature style. 

Transformative interior design for sleep by Kim Colwell.

Design for the Mind

Using Design Therapy to set up the space to support sleep, harmony in relationship and emotional well-being.

Transformational Interior Design in Los Angeles

Design for the Soul

Kim’s multi-generational feng shui practice generates environments with a powerfully restorative ambiance.  

Interior Design

Full-service residential and commercial design. Onsite and virtual.


Use your space to reach goals of optimizing wellness, energetic warmth and improving relationship.

Feng Shui Class

Renown feng shui certification. Learn how to create balance and harmony at home.

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