Customizable Workshops & Certification 

Private Individuals. Groups. Corporate Teams | feng shui, sacred & wellness design 

Interactive and always inspirational, our workshops spark creativity and motivate personal growth. 

Learn actionable skills that you can apply directly to your home. Live in a sacred sanctuary that nurtures harmony within your relationship, fosters a restorative ambiance and supports your personal wellness goals. 

Daughter of a renowned shaman with a multi-generational practice of feng shui, Kim’s psychological discovery techniques, intuitive and energetic skills have cultivated a unique roster of learning opportunities.

You will never look at your space in the same way again. These skills will stay with you for a life time. 

Certification Residential Feng Shui Class

Online or in Los Angeles

No other feng shui course integrates traditional feng shui with psychological and Native American principles.

Enliven energy, remove blocks, empower living and working spaces to manifest true intentions. Our feng shui certification teaches everything you need to know about this ancient practice with modern translation. The curriculum is suitable for beginners, experienced practitioners and anyone who wants to discover new ways to approach life goals through their environment.

  • Type: Certification
  • Enrollment: Monthly, Ongoing
  • Private Individual: $1,999
  • Private Group: $1,495 per person (2 or  more people, maximum 10)
  • Current Offering: Online via Zoom or Onsite by Request
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Prerequesite: None

Please contact us for questions or schedule your private individual or group class.

Color Therapy Workshop 

Color Therapy Workshop by Kim Colwell Design online or in Los Angeles.

Complex Color Theory | sacred, creative, therapeutic

Color has power to calm stress, elevate style and uplift mood

Did you know that the Seneca Nation has a technique called Shamanic Astrology that is used to prescribe medicinal colors for people on a personal basis?

Through that perspective, each of us have colors that bring us to an innate feeling of balance or other colors that may inedvertently trigger a feeling of being overwhelmed. Kim will share her generational knowledge of the technique as her mother is a keeper in this Seneca tradition.

Refine your creative color skills. Discover which colors are best for your…

  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Feng Shui
  • Home Design
  • Soulful Expression
  • Innate Sense of Balance

This unique class teaches color through the lens of feng shui, psychology, shamanic astrology and sacred understanding.

  • Type: Workshop
  • Enrollment: Monthly, Ongoing
  • Private Individual: $549
  • Private Group: $399 per person (3 or  more people, maximum 10)
  • Current Offering: Online via Zoom or Onsite by Request
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Prerequesite: None

Please contact us for questions or schedule your private individual or group class.

House Blessing Certification Class

House blessing ceremony class with Kim Colwell Design, online or in Los Angeles.

House Blessing Ceremony | Certification Class

Ceremony for Manifesting, Energetic Healing and Personal Repair

A hands on practice; facilitate this special ceremony for yourself, loved ones or professionally for clients.


  • Visualization and manifestation techniques.

  • Ancient methods to clear energy.

  • To restore balance in the environment with natural elements.

  • A multi-cultural approach to ritual and ceremony.
  • Ancient ceremonial tools.
  • Basic principles of ceremony.

More info…

  • Type: Certification
  • Enrollment Options: Monthly, Ongoing
  • Individual: $1,499
  • Group: $1,125 per person (3 or  more people, maximum 10)
  • Current Offering: Online via Zoom; Onsite by Request
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Prerequesite: None

Please email us to inquire or schedule a private class for you as an individual or group.

Wellness Design Workshop Series 

Design for Mental Health

make changes in your home that impact your sleep, mood, stress and even your relationship

Kim is a thought leader in the field of psychology and design with classes at academic institutes such as Cornell University.

How may your home may be influencing your sleep, stress levels, creative blocks or relationship?

Using your own home as a point of departure, our wellness design workshops lead you into reflection. How can design help manage stress, ease anxiety and depression all while promoting wellness? You’ll be inspired to examine the physical space you live in and learn how it impacts every aspect of your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Workshop Menu:

  • Space for Love | harmonize your relationship

  • Design for Sleep | set up bedroom for slumber

  • Color Therapy | use color to calm, inspire and motivate

  • Space to Heal |  design for emotional support

  • Homes for Creatives | inspire vision and productivity

    Please contact us to inquire or schedule.  

4 Day Sedona Retreat | Sacred Design Class – Journey to Self Empowerment

Sedona Retreat with Kim Colwell Design and Shambhalla Institute.

Learn the fundamental aspects  of creating a Sacred Sanctuary

Gain deeper levels of emotional contentment

Cultivate spiritual benefits from your home, self and life. Our highly specialized process considers ways of getting to deeper levels of emotional contentment through the design of your space. 

Come away with energetic vitality, deepened relationship with self, and new levels of spiritual consciousness. 


  • Actionable sacred design techniques to use in your own home.
  • How to enliven the energy in your home.
  • Guided meditation and exercises to support your journey to self and spirtual path.
  • An introduction to the concept of Sacred Geometry, natures lanquage of symbols that express a universal rhythm, order and harmony.  
  • How to refresh your home in sacred luxe style – space that promotes healing, transformation, and spiritual well-being.
  • Metaphysical, psychological and design techniques to empower you to create soulful environments that encourage spiritual growth, inner peace, and personal balance. 
  • Shamanic Astrology – a guide to sacred elements from indigenous peoples putting us in tune with nature’s natural rhythms.
  • Principles of sacred home design, basic aspects of feng shui and shamanic techniques. 

More info…

  • Type: Course
  • Enrollment: Upon Request
  • Private Individual: $1,999*
  • Group: $1,495* per person (3 or more people, maximum 10)
  • Current Offering: Online via Zoom; Onsite by Request
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Prerequesite: None 
  • *Fee is for class only. Each individual or group has a customized offering for room and board that is a separate charge.

Please email us to inquire or schedule a private retreat for you as an individual or group.


Book a private virtual or in-person learning party


Customizable learning parties to the interest of your pose, event or corporate team

This is the perfect “night out” for you and your girlfriends or formal learning for your corporate team. Book a single workshop or a whole series with a ride range of subjects to chose from which include creative ways to update your home style, boost your ambiance with feng shui or set up the perfect zoom background or home office. Kim can also focus on your home from a medicinal level such as new ways to cultivate a better sleep, less anxiety, heal relationship dynamics or feel more nurtured by your home.

How to get started? Email us to set up a time to chat about your needs and we will book an event for you to remember. 

Fee: $45 per person for groups of 5 or more per 1.5 hours. – Private fees for 1-4 individuals are based on specific needs.

Apprenticeship | personalized private instruction with kim colwell

Apprenticeship | by request

Feng Shui. Interior Psychology. Color Therapy. Sacred Design.

Learn techniques that will impact your life on many levels. Whether you’re interested in one discipline or all, Kim offers apprenticeship customizable to your personal interests and needs.

Please email us for details.

Invite Kim to Speak | personalized to the interest of your group

Speaker| by request

Kim Colwell is available to speak about interior design for mental health, feng shui, sacred design principles and color therapy.

From corporate conventions and realtor events to private luncheons, Zoom parties or even IG Live, Kim will capture your audience with her charming personality and fresh new approach to interior design.

Contact us at for bookings.

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