Transformative Design Services

Kim Colwell transformative interior design, Los Angeles.

Residential Interior Design

Full Service | interior architecture, customizations, bespoke concept

Kim Colwell Design, Los Angeles, California

Spa, Retail, Office Design

Full service interior brand identity
Modern interior design refresh by Kim Colwell, Los Angeles.

Home Refresh

Small Upgrade, Custom Selections, Styling, Art Curation, Targeted Solutions

Hourly Consultations

Transformational Interior Design in Los Angeles

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Services | in-person and virtual Consultations +  house blessing ceremony +  custom alter design + certification class

Best bedroom design for sleep by Kim Colwell, interior designer.

Design Therapy

Wellness Consultation | set up your home to support sleep, emotional wellness, or harmony within your relationship.

Modern interior design paint by Kim Colwell, Los Angeles.

Paint & Color Therapy

Personalized Wellness Colors for  Wall, Room or Home | suggestions are creative, therapeutic and good for your feng shui. 

Certification Class + Workshops + Retreat

Transformational Interior Design in Los Angeles

Classes + Workshops

Certification Feng Shui + Wellness Design Workshops + Talks + Retreat + Apprenticeship

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