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Feng Shui Consultation | use your environment to make manifestation happen

Book your feng shui consultation and  fall in love with your space again. 

FENG SHUI | who benefits 

  • Homeowners in fully decorated homes, before or after a move or in the beginning stages of a search for a new home
  • Corporate environments, hospitality or retailers in existing spaces, recent relocation or beginning the search for a new location
  • New construction – residential or commercial – from plot to fully drawn plans, construction midpoint or newly built home
  • Real estate agents and staging designers representing buyers or sellers
  • Architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and edible estate managers wishing to add a layer of depth to their projects or learn about shamanic gardening and permaculture
  • Rental properties

KIM COLWELL| feng shui bio

Kim Colwell is a second generation feng shui master and teacher at the Shambhalla Institute, one of the most comprehensive feng shui training institutions worldwide. Possessing a rare talent for shifting space to transform people’s lives, Kim gives you the tools you need to bring balance and well-being to your emotional life. Learn more about Kim here.

CONSULTATION | onsite or virtual

Los Angeles Consultations: Onsite

To book a feng shui consultation with Kim Colwell for your home, office or commercial space please call us at 323.309.2945 or email kim@kimcolwelldesign.com

Fee: $250 per hr (1.5 hr minimum)

Feng Shui Consultation | use your environment to make manifestation happen

Virtual Consultation: Via Zoom

Kim works with clients across the globe via Zoom. She’ll assess your home, office or retail space through photographs, a set of plans or hand written drawing of space (don’t worry, she’ll guide you) videos, FaceTime.

Fee: $250 per hr (1.5 hr minimum)

Feng Shui Consultation | use your environment to make manifestation happen


For general inquiries please email us at kim@kimcolwelldesign.com

FENG SHUI | certification + courses


Kim Colwell offers introductory and certification feng shui residential, commercial and house blessing classes through the Shambhalla Institute, which was founded in 1991 for the study and application of how environment directly impacts one’s quality of life. Click here for more information and a full list of classes. 

FENG SHUI LECTURES | invite kim to speak

Draw A Crowd to Your Next Lecture Series or Event

Engage Kim Colwell to speak or lead a conversation about design or feng shui. Popular topics include but not limited to:

  • Personalized use of color to stimulate mood and manifest career, relationship and health goals
  • Harmonize your existing relationship or manifest a new one
  • How to use feng shui and interior psychology to bring career goals into fruition
  • How to use interior psychology to create a space that can impact your behavior, emotional state and life
  • Customized lectures upon request

Email kim@kimcolwell.com for more information.

Feng Shui Transforms the Feel | case studies

Slide the arrows below to see how feng shui adds a layer of emotional resonance to our interior design projects. Review our case studies and see how our signature feng shui process works. 

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