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Transformative Interior Design | virtual services now available

Design for healing, well-being. Sacred dream building. Vision making. Decompressing, or…simply living your best life.

Transformative interior design…our approach is a little different. Kim’s methodology utilizes her background as a fine artist, daughter of renown shaman, and second generation feng shui master with extensive study in biophilic design and environmental psychology.

The end result is bespoke artistry; a highly personalized space that exudes energetic warmth, vitality and balance. Upon request Kim can add another layer of strategy to your design by setting it up to support your personal needs such as sleep, stress, harmony within your relationship or emotional wellness. 

Our blended process using ancient philosophy with modern technique captures the true essence of who you really are. The result? Highly personalized transformational interior design for your home, spa, retail or office spaces. 

An expert in wellness design, multi-generational feng shui master and Tisch-trained artist, Kim Colwell works with decorative genres that impact every aspect of your emotional and spiritual well-being. Using skill and intuition, she’ll discover your personal vision and create a signature customized style that supports your lifestyle goals.  

Kim Colwell Design offers a range of transformational interior design services from new construction and total remodels to small decorative refreshes.

Los Angeles Interior Designer, Kim Colwell.

Sacred Luxe | multi-layered designs that transcend the aesthetic

We add another layer of strategy using design as a tool to transform your environment and your lifestyle that will support your personal goals. Whether it’s to stimulate creativity, promote greater calm and well-being, create a sublimely romantic bedroom or a healing retreat, the result is a beautifully stylized environment with powerfully restorative ambiance.

Unique Offerings:

  • We personalize your color plan not just for style but to elevate mood, calm nerves, inspire creativity and express your individuality.
  • We utilize feng shui principles to release the flow of harmonious energy and create a powerfully restorative ambiance.
  • Kim’s education and training as an artist fosters a high level of imagination so every design element and detail is bespoke.

Interior Design Services

    • Bespoke Concept Development

Kim has an intuitive process of discovery that allows her clients to feel seen, heard, and understood. Her unique skill set   incorporates layers of thought to create a uniquely personal design that articulates your story, style and needs…even when unspoken. 

    • Space Planning

Each floorplan is carefully designed for warmth, invitation and balance. Kim utilizes her background as a second generation feng shui master.

  • Scope Flexibility
    • Full Service Residential & Commercial
    • Remodel
    • Kitchen & Bath
    • New Build
    • Decoration 
    • Electrical Plan
    • Interior Renderings
  • Customizations 
    • Interior Architecture
    • Furniture
    • Window Treatments
    • Wall Features
    • Upholstery
    • Cabinetry
  • Selections 
    • Materials & Finishes
    • Art Curation
    • Colors Concept 
  • Project Management
  • Personalized Client Care and Attention to Every Detail
  • Purchase Management – with Special Discounts
  • Technical Drawings 

How We Work | onsite, travel or by virtual means

Kim Colwell Design is based in Los Angeles and accepts onsite appointments.  Virtual residential interior design services are also being offered to clients across the globe. 

If you’d like to schedule a consultation for full residential transformative interior design services please email us directly.  We will return your message within 24-48 hours.

If you have a conservative project and are interested in learning more about any one of our smaller design packages, please click the links below:

See what our clients have to say about the signature spaces we have created for them.

Fees are negotiated based on the specific scope and needs of the project. Kim works with any decor style, whether it be contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, bohemian, eclectic, modern and more. She can even fuse many styles together to customize your perfect, personalized look.

Kim Colwell is a Los Angeles based interior designer, changing California Design.

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