Salvador Dali furniture as impactful as his paintings. He has been one of my favorite artists since I was a little girl. I didn’t discover his furniture until I was an adult. The Leda table, inspired by his painting ‘Femme à la Tête Rose’, brings his surrealist imaginings to life in a way that transports me to another world. Cast in solid brass, it is truly an elegant and imaginative piece.

Salvador Dali furniture is represented by B.D. Barcelona, one my favorite design firms worldwide. The founders are still the current owners who merge art with architecture, cultivating beauty and function together with an artisanal philosophy. These exclusive short run pieces are some of the most inspirational of our time.


Salvador Dali Furniture represented by B.D. Barcelona Design. One of my favorite companies world wide. They are a true combination of great architecture and art, soul and individuality. Everything they do is at the highest standard of detail, quality and artistry.


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