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The editorial team over at Redfin has included one of Kim’s design tips in their article on suburban living (thank you Jamie and the Redfin team!). Click here to read the full article. Here is a snippet…

Remote work environments and rising rent prices have made suburban living more attractive in recent years. Young professionals are opting for larger homes with more rooms that double as office spaces. Others are moving to look for a slower pace or better access to outdoor space. For many, suburban apartments offer a balance of space, affordability, and style.  


  1. Choose your patterns carefully to make small spaces feel larger.
  2. Pick a statement piece to focalize in the room and use mirrors to bring in light.
  3. Utilize area rugs to define spaces within the space.
  4. Make the most of every inch in your kitchen by taking advantage of vertical storage.

– Keegan Tomonaga from Earth and Images

“Urban apartments look nice with older construction such as brick walls and exposed concrete. Decorating them in a raw and industrial look gives them a minimalist design. Go a step further and incorporate beautiful art to make the space shine.” – Narciss Nesari from Home Wellness Interior Design

“Decorate your apartment by capitalizing on your relaxing, zen-like surroundings. Use candles for amber-toned lighting and avoid white-based lighting; while light suppresses your body’s melatonin production.” – Kim from Kim Colwell Design

“Before moving to and designing a suburban apartment, look around your current space with a more critical eye to see what’s working and what’s not. Make a list of the items you need to keep and bring to your new home. Understand that your new apartment may need new furniture with different proportions. Your new furniture should be multifunctional and comfortable.” – Stella Ludwig, Owner of Stella Ludwig Interiors

Read the full article, What Are Suburban  Apartments? It offers wonderful insight into the incredible benefits that can come suburban living.

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