Be Well Book Feature

Although, I have a tiny blurb, I am honored to be a part of Dr Lipman’s book, Be Well. The Be Well book has become a health bible for me as I have incorporated so many pages of the techniques, recipes and mindful exercises into my daily routine. While I have always made own broth or do body rolling regularly, there are new ways to do the great things that already bring me daily pleasure. It is truly a wonderful book!

Daily Routine To Be Well

One of my favorite daily routines is not just to meditate, but to connect to myself with a sense of purpose. I first scan my body for physical tension, mental stress or any emotional sensations that need to have extra care. As I go from my head to my toes I allow my body to release any tension and make a conscious effort to cast away any stressful thoughts and replace them with the belief that they can shift and it will be ok, just as it has always been. Then, I connect with an intention for the day and visualize it unfolding in a way that I would be happy with the outcome. Just this simple daily exercise helps me to stay more balanced without getting overloaded with the thoughts that can feel overwhelming.


If you are looking for more ways to be healthier, more connected and happier overall, we offer a new way to work on your home or office that sets it up to inspire and empower you. Aside from doing interior design and interior styling, we incorporate a technique called design psychology that is a fun layer to apply in our consultations and full service projects that add that special sauce that makes your place become a refuge of harmony and daily rejuvenation.

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