Cutting edge designers, Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard of Fredrikson Stallard take my breath away. Taking the geometrical art form of a rock and turning it into a functional piece of furniture with the pop art sensibility of using a bright red is pure conceptual genius.  The Species Sofa is offered in limited addition by the David Gill Gallery in London. Using polyurethane, rubber, fiberglass and polyester to create the natural form of the stone in bold red enhances the overall sense of whimsy, while never loosing the memory of the organic shape. For me these avant-garde furniture designers are pure genius.


When you use dynamic features in your home that spark your imagination and give you a sense of wonder, it sets up a surrounding that inspires you to dream beyond your day to day on a daily basis….setting the tone that anything is possible and igniting a feeling of pure joy. This is how Fredrikson Stallard’s avant-garde furniture affects me.


It is not surprising that the color red is used in avant-garde design as it is the strongest color we have on the planet to get people to stop and immediately take notice. Stimulating, active, playful and sexy, the color red has a seductive quality and perfectly sets the stage for people who want to showcase their power or make a pronounced statement about their bold personality.


Red is the most auspicious color in feng shui and is considered lucky in the East. Because it is energizing, we would never use it in the bedroom or kitchen. Using it with the right way can have an incredible artistic effect while stimulating the energetic flow of Qi, specific areas of the baqua or overall balance of the natural elements (the color red represents fire, which melts or takes away the effects of metal and nurtures earth). The species sofa would be ideal in the relationship or wealth sector of a living or great room as it combines the powerful symbols of the color red and nature which represents abundance and triggers an emotional connection to your space with its visceral quality.


Fredrikson Stallard Furniture Design – Represented by David Gill Gallery, London


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