The above image on the left shows a design that I created for a then single female client. It was personalized to bring out all the wonderful aspects of her personality and she loved living in the space. We set it up at that time with the intention to manifest a relationship. Our design concept was set up to both calm her from an intense career as a young film producer while inspiring her creatively to keep her focused on the reasons she got into her profession in the first place and maintain an incredibly charming and playful aspect of her personality.

I surrounded her with many things that resonated deeply with her while simultaneously removing items or the types of items that triggered stress or reminded her of transitional times in her life that needed healing, being minded how each item would effect her on a personal basis.

It wasn’t too long before she started shifting in her relationship first with herself. Feeling more empowered I believe is the first step to really manifesting a relationship and there are things we can do to trigger that from the set up of the environment. Before we knew it she was in a solid wonderful relationship and then got engaged and married.

When she got married, my job was then to create a new home for she and her husband that would support the health for their relationship. She and her husband were extremely different in terms of their aesthetics. While they were very much in love and had a many ways in which they got along wonderfully with similarities to their personality, they were opposites with the types of things that triggered a sense of self and happiness….to the point of being turned off by the very things that might have been quite meaningful to the other.

He didn’t care for anything we had done at her previous home, which was very specific to her individual taste. I set out to come up with a design concept that would trigger them both to feel great in their home, give each of them a strong sense of their individual personality, while finding the bridge to what they liked together including all the wonderful aspects about them as a couple.

The photo on the right shows how I designed the space very differently when I mixed her sensibility with his. I loved working on both projects equally and find that it is one of my favorite aspects to add this layer of awareness into my work as a designer.


Designs for couples are a dynamic part of my job as a designer as I know the home has a profound effect on our mood and how we feel about ourselves or our place in the relationship. Have you ever been a home that was clearly a reflection of one person in the relationship and not both? You can imagine how you would feel if you were living in someone else’s personality….especially if it was the opposite of the types of things that you like. There are some couples that are very similar in their sensibility but most have areas that they cross over but tend to be pretty different in terms of what makes them feel good in their space in terms of decor styles or colors.

This blog section will bring tips, tricks, and inspirational examples of how to set up your place for the health of your relationship and for maximum romance! It is perfect for you couples who are moving in for the first time, celebrating your 5oth anniversary, or would simply like sublime bedroom design ideas.


When you move into someone’s home and there is no representation of who you are it can bring up insecurities, make you feel overshadowed and create weak links in the fiber you need to strengthen the relationship as a whole. I have worked with a lot of couples (including my own relationship) and it is amazing to me how impactful it can be to live in an environment that resonates with who you are both as an individual as well as who you are within the relationship. I believe that empowering each of you as individuals while triggering a sense of intimacy and togetherness for the relationship is key to supporting a healthy relationship.


Growing up my whole life with feng shui, it is not just implementing red or pink into the relationship corner that shifts the feng shui. It is looking at the overall balance within the space. Having said that, working with classic cures such as using two objects or art that depicts couples or intimacy even in an abstract form allows you to see togetherness. The floor plan is also very important as it can invite you in and trigger a sense of connectivity or have the opposite effect if you set up the furniture in an aloof fashion such as walking into the backs of furniture.


Interior Design by Kim Colwell Design.


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