Color Paint Therapy with Kim Colwell Design. Kim combines creative, feng shui and therapeutic paint suggestions to elevate your wall, room or home.

Paint Therapy | personalize your palette, excite your senses

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Color Therapy | calm stress, elevate style, be inspired

Take your colors from subliminal to the sublime. Part therapy, part remedy, 100% interior design.

Color acts like a subliminal message that influences your thoughts, emotions and actions. Kim Colwell’s Color Therapy Consultations provide a “color prescription” that supports optimal well-being as much as it enhances the beauty of a space.

“Color can add vibrancy, emotion, light, or love; it can highlight architecture; and it can even become a design feature in and of itself.” Kelly Wearstler 

Personal Color “Prescription”

Have you ever wondered which colors are best for you personally, how color may affect your relationship or impact your mood? Which color combinations create disharmony, imbalance, unease? From color diagnosis to remedy, Kim will provide you with personalized color palettes which are created using a methodology that she has grown up with since childhood.

Kim merges disciplines from her fine art background with psychological discovery and the feng shui skills from her lineage. She elevates your decorative style by exploring layers of thought that take your “color prescription” beyond the aesthetic.

Discover which colors are best for your…

  • Existing home design
  • Feng shui
  • Personal emotional wellness
  • Creative expression
  • Innate sense of balance

Multi-layered modalities are considered 


Color can influence thoughts and feelings in similar ways to sights and sounds triggering positive memories from the past, but not all of them are supportive. For instance, when colors are dissonant with no harmonious visual relation they read like clutter or chaos to our sub conscious. Each color has a distinct way that it affects us personally, on a mental and emotional basis. 

Learn more about interior Psychology here

Feng Shui

Kim coordinates colors to your feng shui bagua. Each color is considered in terms of how it works in harmony with the natural elements. Colors are used to direct the flow of energy and bring your home into balance. 

Shamanic Astrology

A Native American system passed onto Kim by her mother who is a keeper in the tradition, bestowed to her by Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, then the president of the American Seneca Nation. Kim uses Shamanic Astrology to determine which personal colors are supportive to you on an innate level. Using these principles, each of us have a group of colors which bring us in or out of balance. Shamanic Astrology is an aspect of the Seneca people’s Medicine Wheel of Peace. 

Interior Design

As a fine artist turned designer, Kim has a creative, artful way of working with color. Her high-style, high-vibe sensibility elevates your visual landscape while encouraging a restorative ambiance. She can design one striking wall mural, curate the perfect wall color to tie your room together or develop a subtle, monochromatic palette for your entire home.

Whether your personality is bold or demure, your sensibility, needs, desires and style drive the final result.


Each color has its own effect to…

  • calm nerves
  • uplift mood
  • inspire creativity
  • activate productivity
  • deepen your meditation practice

How It Works | customized to your personal needs

First we examine your desire for the space. Then we personalize your paint colors or color “prescription” with the layers of thought described above.

Get Started! There are two ways to use this service. Select between a customized paint therapy plan or color therapy chart below. 


Customizable paint plan or mural design for one wall, room or entire space.

Process | interior or exterior

STEP 1 – First, we study your space, personal style, needs and desired outcome.

Kim will make recommendations for…

  • Specific Paint Colors to Sample
  • Creative Ideas for Accent Walls, Trim or even your Ceiling
  • Mural/Wall Treatment Ideas

STEP 2 (optional) – Upon request Kim offers…

  • Presentational Visuals to illustrate her vision for the final outcome
  • Best Feng Shui Colors for specific areas 

You will have 1-3 options per wall or room to consider. 

Your feedback will be discussed. Kim will be able to revise anything to your liking.

STEP 3 (optional) – If desired, a 20 min follow up session a week later to give you time to reflect, review paint samples and answer any questions.

Additional options…

– Taking your feedback into consideration, you can request a PDF of everything you discussed.

– Hire the painter of your choice or use Kim’s resources. She will be available  to oversee their work.

Enjoy your beautiful transformation!

Kim’s blush toned boutique design for Erica Courtney used an ombre paint style. This created a feel that WWD magazine described as a “Soft, ethereal quality”. 

Option 2 – COLOR THERAPY CHART | personal color “prescription”

Really explore your personal world of color. Enjoy the benefits of color therapy even if you don’t wish to paint.

Each of us have different color prescriptions; Kim offers specifics colors that are best for you as an individual, couple and family.

The following perspectives are considered…

  • Feng Shui
  • Personal wellness goals
  • Shamanic Astrology (read about it above!)

Apply color therapy to your…

  • Home 
  • Office
  • Brand
  • Wardrobe


STEP 1 – During a consultation, Kim will study your feng shui, wellness needs, and shamanic astrology. Suggestions will include…

  • Most beneficial wellness colors
  • Colors to use in limited doses

STEP 2 (optional) – Receive a PDF format Color Therapy Chart to save or print and refer to for a lifetime.

STEP 3 -(optional) – Expand your color therapy session to include creative refresh ideas for your space that keep your medicinal colors in mind. 

The “Color Prescription” shown in Kim’s foyer design was meant to uplift the mood and induce happiness. 

Kim Colwell designed the Halo Skin and Body Spa in Beverly Hills.

Get Started | book your  consultation

Email us to book your Paint Therapy consultation or Color Therapy Chart.

Where we work

In Los Angeles or via Zoom. We’ll review your needs, answer questions and jump right into your space.

Hourly Fee

Consultations are $250 / hour with a 1 hour minimum ($250 minimum).

A separate charge will be given for renderings that show how specific paint colors will look in your space.

Fees on average

Paint colors for one room, statement wall or exterior start at $250. 

Custom mural designs start at $375 for one wall or $750 per room.

Color Therapy – Personal Prescription Charts are $250 – $375 on average depending on the amount of people Kim is covering. 

Get Started

Email us to set up a 15 min complimentary chat with Kim to jump right in.

Color Therapy | use color to illuminate your inner power

Our interior design project below included Color Therapy to transform this bedroom into a restorative, otherworldly ambiance. Swipe arrow right to see where the project began.

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