Designing from nature in mind makes the concept more dynamic and profound for me. Whether it be the gorgeous way that nature creates or the feeling that you get from being around it, stones, leaves, flowers, trees, water, metals and all the natural formations they make are astounding when you think of how breathtaking they can be. I love nature in it’s purist form, but I am also excited by urban interpretations of nature or incorporating items found in nature into the designs of furniture, decor styles, and decorative items. It’s an exciting time to live on the earth in terms of how designers across the globe are pushing the boundaries with just how many ways this can be creatively done.

The image shown is from Roderick Vos’s showroom. One of our favorite design showrooms worldwide, we love their beautiful vertical planted wall. It is a wonderful example of how nature completely transforms the look and feel of the environment.

This section will bring you inspiration and decorating ideas from around the globe along with new techniques and many resources to use for your own home, office, or retail space. Each photo shown will be highlighted with more information as we evolve with our new blog.


Photo of Roderick Vos’s showroom, designed by Roderick Vos. Photographer – Rene Van Der Hulst   +  Art Direction & Styling Petra Janssen from Photo Boot.


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