Interior Stylist | Spruce Up Your Style With Your Existing Goods

Re-Fresh, Re-Organize or Re-New Your Room, Home, Office or Store

Interior stylist consultations are the perfect solution to an ever evolving space. If you love your stuff but don’t feel you have worked your decor to its fullest potential, Kim can breathe new life and energy into even the most challenging of spaces, using all the great things you already own or give suggestions for new decorative treasures to add to your collection. Working in any decor style Kim’s intention is to express your individuality and style your space to have your personal stamp on it. Our clients love how this unique service supports them to make great impact in small and affordable ways, such as creating a show stopping art wall, adding the perfect wallpaper or reinventing an entire space using mostly what they already own in fresh new ways.

What You Should Expect

In your consultation, we will talk meaningfully about your unique needs, personal style and lifestyle goals. Then, you will receive a ton of creative and practical solutions to re-fresh your space, solve your design dilemmas and help you create the “feel-good” ambiance you have always wanted. You may choose to address one specific area of concern or refresh, reorganize, or reinvent your entire space without incurring the effort, stress or expense of a full service design project.

What You Get

You may wish to cover one or all of the ideas below in our Interior Stylist consultation:

  • Move the furniture around into a more welcoming layout.
  • Decorate with your existing items to create more beautiful table top services.
  • Create a show stopping art wall or re-hang your art for an instant facelift.
  • Color and/or decorative painting ideas for your walls.
  • A “big idea” such as opening up a wall, adding a new wallpaper or a dynamic architectural feature.
  • Go over the scale, color and style notes you need for any new furniture updates.
  • Advisement on a new reflected ceiling plan or ambient lighting ideas.
  • Shopping together to find a few new items that will make your existing space look more stylish.
  • Revitalize a piece of furniture.
  • Update your window treatments, upholstery or wall colors.
  • Design solutions for a specific area of concern.
  • A second eye on your finishing selections for a remodel.
  • Get tricks to open up your small space.

After the initial consultation, depending on your budget, we can handle all the details or give you the solutions and support you need to do the sourcing and “heavy lifting” yourself. As an extra perk, if you wish to have us make the purchases, we offer special trade discounts to you! Contact us to get started!

What We Need To Get You Started

We can schedule a call to go over your needs and answer questions or jump right into an hourly consultation at your space. Either way, it will help us out if you fill out our questionnaire so we get a sense of your style and desires.

Extras Offerings

Upon request, we offer the following services to make your design journey easier:

  • Mood Boards
  • Floor Plans
  • Renderings
  • Installation Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Personalized Feng Shui Charts add another layer that creates a powerfully restorative ambiance.
  • Personalized Color Charts for individuals, couples, families and corporate teams. Our color techniques strategically elevate your mood, calm your nerves and inspire creativity. You won’t believe the difference this approach to color can make!


Unique Perks

We want to make your home, office or retail environment be more than just a pretty space. Our design suggestions also support your personal and lifestyle goals. Knowing that our homes and businesses have the power to impact us on a mental-emotional level, rejuvenating us or bringing the opposite result, such as making us feel overwhelmed or stressed. Kim’s background in design psychology and feng shui allows her to set up your space to stimulate creativity, harmonize couples with different sensibilities or promote greater calm and wellbeing (or even turn your home into a healing retreat!). The result is a beautifully stylized environment that supports your life or work goals as an individual, couple or corporate team.

Where We Work

Kim is based in Los Angeles, but sees clients throughout the US and Vancouver BC. Some of our out of town clients choose to bring Kim in for a 1-3 day session where she can really get her hands into your project!. You may also consider using our E-Design service that is available to clients worldwide.


Kim has a two hour minimum at $185 per hour. For quick fixes or ideas only you may only need a two hour session. Small to medium projects typically take 4-10 hours depending on the amount of rooms, how extensive the changes are and whether we are handling the details or giving you the plan to run with it on you own.

We bring you special discounts off the retail prices of almost any store when you purchase items through us! For example, we recently had a very large project where we saved our client almost $3,000. In cases like this our design fees can be almost dissolved into your savings.

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