About Kim Colwell


A Shaman’s Daughter Does Interior Design

Kim Colwell is an award winning luxury interior designer known for her strikingly original, transformational approach. An NYU Tisch–trained artist and second-generation feng shui master, Kim creates interiors that promote harmony, inspire creativity, and encourage individuality. Working across many decorative genres, she marries high style with high vibes, creating gorgeous, signature spaces that empower her clients as individuals, couples, families, teams — and feel as fabulous as they look. It’s no wonder that Kim has been heralded as an “urban healer” by C magazine and seen the Beverly Hills jewelry boutique she designed called “One of the coolest stores in the US” by Instore.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Kim’s development as an interior designer is rooted in her eclectic training in art, extensive background in feng shui, and the study of how the psychology of the space influences our mood, emotions and quality of life. These profound experiences have given Kim a unique perspective and approach to creating multi-layered spaces, with an appeal that transcends the aesthetic.

Sacred Luxe

Working on a full range of projects, from high-end, full service residential, retail or office remodels to smaller refreshes such as Interior Styling or feng shui consultations. Kim listens deeply to discover each client’s unique vision, sensibility and lifestyle goals, to create warm, artistic spaces that are as meaningful as they are beautiful.

Kim has curated several unique design workshops for corporations, spas and retreat centers. Her signature certification feng shui class is taught privately in Los Angeles to students from around the globe including a a diverse group of students such as real estate agents,  psychologists, architects or anyone who wishes to learn a new way to transform one’s environment beyond the classic aspects of feng shui.

Kim has designed homes for a diverse range of clientele from celebrities to leaders in the arts, fashion, film, music, tech and health industries. Kim’s projects have been featured in Interior Design Magazine, WWD, Rapaport, Angeleno, JCK and Pasadena with interviews in the Purist and Shape magazines. Kim has been featured as an “urban healer” in C magazine and an expert in several books including How To Be Well, by celebrity doctor, Frank Lipman, MD.

My Journey

My passion for creating balanced environments with emotional and spiritual significance was also born from a lifetime of tutelage from my mother, Melinda Joy Miller, founder of the Shambhalla Institute, author and visionary in the study and application of how the environment influences our internal and external lives.

I grew up in both an urban landscape as well as a magical 120-acre farm outside of Philadelphia. I became a product of my environment, immersing myself in nature when in the country and in my city life, obsessed with fashion, individual expression and all forms of imaginative articulation.

I began expressing myself through art and design at an early age, and at age ten, was chosen for my first juried art show. In high school, I danced with a regional ballet company before pursuing my BFA at NYU Tisch. This led to the first chapter of my career as a fine artist, illustrator and animator. I loved illustration–it gave me the opportunity to let my imagination flow. I worked on projects for Nike, Atlantic Records, Disney, Utne Reader, David LaChapelle, and Moby, and was honored to have one of my animation projects showcased in US News & World Report.

I was always intrigued with the psychology that is reflected in the arts and interiors.  I loved exploring the visual ways that people expressed themselves and defined their personalities, particularly through the spaces they created to inhabit every day. Over time, space became my canvas, and I began applying the same eye for composition, style, and color balance I’d learned in art and illustration to interiors and furniture design.

At the same time, my childhood experiences—rooted in feng shui, steeped in the psychology of space, and connected intimately with nature—all began to permeate my work. I developed my own distinctive method—“Transformative Interior Design™”—born from a fusion of formal and experiential education, melding intuition and insight with grounded, modern  sensibilities.


Today more than ever, we are aware that our surroundings are never incidental or insignificant. Our homes and businesses act as dynamic systems that have the power to impact every aspect of our physical, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. The spaces in which we choose to live and work have the potential to stimulate our creativity, harmonize our relationships, and nourish our fulfillment. As a feng shui master and interior designer, I am honored to help inspire, empower, and transform my clients’ worlds

I hope we have an opportunity to connect and delve into making your environment a beautiful, inspiring space for you to live, work or play.



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