“Kim has an intuitive way of working with people to help them make changes they weren’t able to imagine before.” Dr Bonnie Tauber, Clinical Psychologist

Interior Psychology Session | how may your space be influencing your emotions? 

Book your interior psychology consultation and learn how your space may be impacting your mood, sleep, concentration and self-esteem. 

Interior Psychology Consultation | what we explore

This work provides suggestions to use your space to support your psychological needs and give you a new awareness of how your home reveals and influences your inner world of our thoughts and emotions.

You will learn about hidden triggers in your space that may be effecting your relationships, sleep and emotional well-being. S

Learn how to foster a healthy environment that supports your intention and life goals, while making your space more beautiful and lively along the way.


What to Expect

We begin by exploring how your environment may be influencing your subconscious; emotions, belief system and behavoir.

Suggestions are given to implement new ideas, new items as well as breathing new life into your existing items to positively affect your relationships, mood, spiritual growth; even your sleep and health.

Kim may make recommendations for your lighting, decorative plan, design elements, how to re-use your existing space/things or simply what to remove.

This service aids to empower you as you have more awareness of influences to your life and lifestyle that you may not have been aware of before.

What We Address

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Stressed or overwhelmed
  • Creatively stuck
  • Disconnected in relationship
  • Intimacy issues
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem
  • Lack of ambiance, joy or life
  • Define your style (a non-linear style — beyond a pinterest board!)
  • Spiritual development


What is Interior Psychology?

Interior Psychology is a system that identifies where psychological patterns may exist in your space. It addresses dynamics within your relationships, patterns that may have held you back to stress triggers living in your space.

Interior Psychology offers recommendations to build a space that has positive affect on many areas of your life, while connecting you to the areas in your life that bring you the most happiness.

This uniquely profound consultation can be a stand alone session to aquaire ideas and awareness or become the back-bone to your interior design, feng shui or home refresh.

Every client’s need, sensibility, and desires are different. We may begin with an opportunity to consider:

  • What does your space say about you as an individual, couple, family or corporate team?
  • How may your space be affecting your inner world of thoughts and emotions?
  • How do you sleep in your space?
  • How does your space align with who you are today?
  • What do you want your space to do for you?
  • What are your life, personal, career and lifestyle goals?
  • How do you wish to be seen?



    KIM COLWELL| interior psychology bio

    Apprenticing under her mother, Melinda Joy Miller, a sensory-motor integrative therapist who worked with patients in a state hospital to shift thier environment to impart a shift in their developmental process. Kim’s theraputic and spiritual lineage merged with her extensive backgroud in fine art and illustration to develop a new way to view space that is built upon layers of awareness of the client’s personal needs and desires.

    Additional study in set design, psychology which led to a BFA in drama from NYU Tisch, where Kim looked at space through the lens of the character’s psychological make up.

    Kim has studied Design Psychology with Dr Toby Isreal, Biophilic Design and is a second generation feng shui master with extensive experience in the Shamanic Arts.

    “Kim has an intuitive way of working with people to help them make changes they weren’t able to imagine before.” Dr. Bonnie Tauber, Clinical Psychologist


    CASE STUDY | design for depression

    My client had been through a trauma from the loss of her husband and son. She felt stuck in her life and was surrounded by an environment that was cluttered with an excess of belongings that defined painful memories. Her decor had never fully reflected who she was. These aspects had a profound effect on her mental state and quality of life.

    My training in interior therapy allowed me to spot emotional clutter throughout her home. It becomes an important distinction to know if the space is set up in a way that it contributes to one’s depression or if the depression has manifested within one’s space.  If the home was the contributing factor, then we needed to change the sensibility of the home. However, if the depression was the promoting factor, then we would know the power of our sensibilities on our environment. In other words, if depression can change a room’s dynamics, other factors can reshape it also.

    The feel of the space was dark and stagnate. I began by exploring her personal goals and life patterns, while figuring out how light and air could circulate better throughout the space and creating a floorpan that would support more connectivity.

    This was my first interior design project many years ago. It was incredibly meaningful to have her since speak about her transformation at one of my talks. I am grateful to be part of her journey.

    CONSULTATION | onsite or virtual

    Los Angeles Consultations: Onsite

    To book an interior psychology consultation with Kim Colwell for your home, office or commercial space please call us at 323.309.2945 or email kim@kimcolwelldesign.com

    Fee: $250 per hr (1.5 hr minimum)

    What We Need | how to get started

    Book a consultation.  We’ll review your needs, answer questions and jump right into your space. Consultations are $250 / hour with a 2 hour minimum ($500 minimum).

    Flat Rate Services

    Interior Psychological Blueprints – $500

    A personalized chart plan can be given after your consultation which will include personalized colors, creative ideas, and specific objects that support of your relationships, feeling of safety, empowerment and happiness. 

    Where We Work

    Kim is based in Los Angeles and currently conducting onsite visits in the greater SoCal area. Virtual consultations are available by Zoom and becoming increasingly popular for our growing global clientele. Request to travel is available pending location with additional hourly rate.


    Kim’s rate is $250 / hour with a 2 hour minimum.


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    Dramatic Results | case studies

    Slide the arrows on our before and after gallery below to see our diverse interior design projects born from our signature process of working from the inside out.  Our design concepts are intended to define a visual world that is exclusive to them in the style, emotional quality and support of personal needs. Review our case studies and see how our signature process works. 

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