Kim has an intuitive way of working with people to help them make changes they weren’t able to imagine before.” Dr Bonnie Tauber, Clinical Psychologist


Interior Psychology | your personalized blueprint

Reveal, harmonize, heal. One blueprint for all your interior design decisions.

Interior Psychology is a systematic approach to interior design that begins by observing the psychological patterns within in a home and the way the impact they have over your relationships, family dynamics and and personal well-being.

These patterns, some you may not even recognize, can affect your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Anxiety, depression, intimacy issues, sleep deprivation, feelings of isolation, loneliness and low self-esteem are just some of the issues enhanced by ambiguous or incongruous design.

Discover how Interior Psychology can help alleviate stress, deepen connection, enhance sleep, boost mood, restore positivity and more.

This unique session explores how your home can support your feeling of being loved, alive and confident in ways you have never thought of.

This work was created to empower you, harmonize couples with different sensibilities, calm overstimulated children or parents, and even increase productivity in the work environment.

Kim works from the inside out to personalize suggestions that make you feel safe, nurtured and protected in your home.

At last, one interior design blueprint to be used for every decision you will ever make – from architectural renovations and new builds to interior design and styling projects.

Start with your personalized foundation and build upon it over time.

Interior Psychology | benefits

  • Find your voice in an incongruous design setting
  • Restore and improve self-esteem
  • Nurture harmonious relationships between individuals, couples, family or work teams
  • Deepen connection
  • Enhance better, quality sleep
  • Lessen depression, anxiety, stress & overwhelm
  • Overcome creative blocks
  • Heal trauma or painful life transitions
  • Inspire creativity and Improve work productivity


Interior Psychology | issues addressed

  • Relationship and intimacy issues
  • Desire to manifest a relationship
  • Mood swings
  • Emotional healing
  • Personal and career goals
  • Spiritual development
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Lack of focus or concentration
  • Stress or feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling of being creatively stuck
  • Feeling of being disconnected to self
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem

We consider aspects such as…

  • Introverted personality
  • Extroverted personality
  • Autistic
  • Creative
  • Left brain oriented
  • Special needs

How do you know if this service is for you?

Do you have a complicated floor plan that feels cold?

Do you feel stressed when you are at home?

Could your home be a trigger for depression or anxiety?

How do you sleep in your bedroom?

Does your design support the sensibilities of each of you as a couple?

Do you feel overwhelmed or serene in your home?

Does your home capture your essence or is it pretty with no true personality?

What to expect:

Kim will begin by delving into your needs and desires. You will be able to focus the session on yourself as an individual, a couple, family or corporate team. Here are a few examples of what this highly personalized session may include:

Find your Voice

Kim will guide you through a series of exercises that will explore types of styles, colors, things and design features that support you as an individual, couple, family or corporate team.

This way of working disrupts the Pinterest board as an inspiration. Kim looks to the internal life of her clients even when they may not be able to articulate what they want or need on their own.

Hidden Negative Triggers in your Space

Kim will read your space to empower you with a deeper awareness of the hidden triggers that exist in the space that may be effecting your relationship, sleep or emotional well-being.

Many clients have epiphanies as they become aware of how their environment has been such a deep influence on their inner world of thoughts, emotions, belief system and behavior in ways they never would have been aware.

Support your Emotional Needs

Once you know where those triggers exist, Kim guides you through the implementation of her new ideas remedies that will better support your emotional and spiritual needs.

Upon request she offers a psychological design blueprint that will outline the personalized plan you discussed during your session. 

Recommendations may include…

  • Lighting
  • Decorative plan
  • Design elements
  • How to re-use your existing space or items
  • Edits
  • A more harmonious floor plan
  • Personalized colors (see Color Therapy)

Once you look at your space with these principles, you will never want to live or work in a space without this layer of thought

KIM COLWELL | interior psychology bio

Kim’s life long study of the psychology of space began under the tutelage of her mother, Melinda Joy Miller. The techniques she developed as a sensory-motor integrative therapist became the backbone to the way Kim works. Where as her mother worked with her patient’s environments to impart a shift in their developmental process, Kim utilizes similar techniques to set up her client’s environment to support many aspects of their lives.

Later, Kim joined her mother to expand on those techniques as a partner at her mother’s company Shambhalla Institute which was developed for the study and application of how environment directly impacts one’s quality of life.

It was during college, at NYU, where she added new layers of perspective to this work. As a theater major, she delved into extensive study in psychology to understand interpersonal dynamics and body languauge through the lens of a character. She became fascinated with one particular set design class which was taught by costume designer William Ivy Long at Playwrights Horizon. He was the first to introduce the idea of how a set design in feel and in detail would vastly change based on the personality details of the character.

Over the years she has extended her study to include classes on biophilic design (the study of how nature effects our mental and emotional state) and other teachers including environmental psychologist Dr Toby Isreal.

For years Kim has incorporated Interior Psychology into her practice as an interior designer and feng shui consultant. This is the first time she has developed it as a stand alone service.


Consultation | onsite or virtual

Los Angeles Consultations: Onsite

To book an interior psychology consultation with Kim Colwell for your home, office or commercial space please call us at 323.309.2945 or email

What We Need | how to get started

Book a consultation.  We’ll review your needs, answer questions and jump right into your space.

Where We Work

Kim is based in Los Angeles and currently conducting onsite visits in the greater SoCal area. Virtual consultations are available by Zoom and becoming increasingly popular for our growing global clientele. Request to travel is available pending location with additional hourly rate.


Kim’s rate is $250 / hour with a 1.5 hour minimum ($375 minimum). Most consultations are 2-4 hours.

Interior Psychology Blueprints are available for an additional flat rate fee of $375.

Get Started

Email us to set up a complimentary 15 min chat with Kim.


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Some clients know exactly what they want to get out of this session, where as others discover an agenda through the process of the exercises. There may be a different intention per room, per family member or per home.

Every client need, sensibility, and desire is different. Here are a few examples of how we have applied Interior Psychology to some of our interior design projects.

Case Study | design for depression

CLIENT – A wonderful woman with a wish to re-invent her life and home. 


I discovered that my client had been through a trauma from the loss of her husband and son. She felt stuck in her life and was surrounded by an environment that was cluttered with an excess of belongings that defined painful memories. Her decor had never fully reflected who she was. These aspects had a profound effect on her mental state and quality of life.

My training in interior psychology allowed me to spot emotional clutter throughout her home. It became an important distinction to know if the space was set up in a way that it contributed to her depression or if the depression had manifested within her space.  If the home was the contributing factor, then we needed to change the sensibility of the home. However, if the depression was the promoting factor, then I would know the power of her sensibilities on the environment.

The feel of the space was dark and stagnate. I began by exploring her personal goals and life patterns, while figuring out how light and air could circulate better throughout with a floorpan that would support more connectivity.

This was my first interior design project. She has since come to speak at my lectures to share her story. I am forever grateful to be part of her journey and witness her profound inner transformation.

Before + After | click arrow

Case Study | design for Creatives

CLIENT – Beautiful creative family, academy award nominated producer, Los Angeles


My intention was to give them a personal sense of place that would tap into their sub-conscious and foster the intimate feeling you get when standing in nature. 

Additionally, I wished to…

  • Spark their imagination to inspire them creatively.
  • Calm their often overstimulated minds as parents.

For this project I used many spiritual modalities that I grew up with such as sacred geometry, geomancy, and shamanic principles. 

I thought of capturing the sun, moon and sky like they were another piece of art to work with.  Aware of how the natural light moved around the room, I created reflecting points such as the high gloss finish on our customized coffee table. Each detail examined how the natural elements could work in harmony.


Before + After | click arrow

Before + After | click arrow

Case Study | design for couples with different sensibilities


A family full of talent, award winning composer, producer, Hollywood Hills


My intention in working with a couple is always to explore where they are similar and what makes them special as individuals.

I find that most couples when you dig deeper (including my own marriage!) have very different sensibilities. There are the ways that they overlap but it is important to understand the underlying nuances of each of their personality…even those aspects that may be opposing.

Defining a style that makes each of them feel seen is one of the most exciting parts of my job. Interior psychology is a way to discover who each of them are on an innate level, even when only one of them wants to be more of a participant in the design process.

This work becomes a blueprint which drives the interior design decisions in a way that I can capture what makes them unique as individuals while honoring their identity as a couple.

When the home design is meaningful to each person it becomes one strong aspect of the support system I put in place for the intimacy of their relationship.

When one person lives in the shadow of the other it can erode on the intimacy within the relationship.

Dramatic Results | slide arrows to view before and after gallery 

See how Kim has used interior psychology to develope a unique visual voice for each of her interior design clients below.

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