Indigo dyed wood, a recent trend in Japan, is made by using Aizome, a traditional indigo dye derived from the ai plant. We have spotted Japanese craftsman experimenting with dying hard wood floors and furniture. This unique Japanese method yields a color that is known as ”Japan Blue.” Although indigo dyeing is considered to be over 4,000 years old and used widely in ancient India and Egypt, we are loving the new modern twist on these ancient techniques.

I can’t wait for a project to use Indigo dyed wood. From wooden cladding, furniture, floors or architectural accents, the creative options are endless for enhancing the visual effects in your space. Just the subtle pop of color is all you need to bring visual excitement.


Surrounding yourself with indigo blue ignites your intuition while encouraging your ability to go into a deeper meditative or relaxed state. Indigo inspires calm, serenity, and self reflection, making it the most significant color in any spiritual development path. It is wonderful to use a color in design that inspires us to feel more reflective and connected to a deeper part of ourselves.


In feng shui the color of indigo represents the depth of the sea, representing the natural element of water. It helps us to go within, into a deeper meditative state. We use color in feng shui to balance all the natural elements, but also to stimulate different emotions. The emotional quality of indigo is calm and peaceful, encouraging insight and deep inner reflection. Indigo dyed wood furniture would be ideally placed in the career or wealth section of your bagua, but is also the perfect color for your meditation, yoga or reading room. Using shamanic astrology, I would only use indigo as the main color in a bedroom if one of both clients are a water sign (and even then it would depend on their emotional tendencies), metal sign (this too would depend on how stable they are in terms of feeling overwhelmed in their lives), or an earth sign.


This gorgeous indigo dyed blue table design shown is by Japanese craftsmen Shuji Nakagawa.


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