Feng Shui Design Consultation

Enliven Your Energy to Positively Impact Your Quality of Life

Feng Shui design consultant Kim Colwell is a second-generation feng shui Master, but her education doesn’t stop there. Growing up under her mother’s tutelage (founder of the Shambhalla Institute, author of Shamanic Gardening and keeper in the Seneca Nation’s Medicine Wheel of Peace), Kim and her mother have pioneered a new approach to transforming space by blending feng shui with psychological and Native American principles. Along with Kim’s extensive background in interior design. By fusing these three disciplines into a single powerful system, they can revolutionize the way your home or business functions, uncover the hidden blocks to your growth and success and unlock your full potential to empower your life.

Their holistic approach to feng shui consultations leads to the long debated question, “Is it genetics or environment that sets the stage of destiny?”  There is a psychological relationship between you and the placement of your furniture and art that influences your belief system. What you see or feel from feng shui design has an effect on your mind, emotions and quality of your life.

As a feng shui consultant, Kim offers a more comprehensive experience with this specialized approach, as well as assessing how the location, setting, and structural features impact the use, flow, Qi (energy), balance and feel of a space. This information is used to redirect and optimize the vital aspects of Qi (energy) within the home or business. Additionally Kim gives you specific colors and natural elements that are healthy for you on a personal basis that affect how you are in or out of balance. You will get the added benefit of Kim’s interior designer experience, as each suggestion given will enhance both the feng shui balance and the overall look of your space.

Home Consultations May Include…

  • A thorough analysis of the feng shui for your plot of land, home, office, store or corporation.
  • Strategic placement of objects and furniture layout to create warmth, invitation and energetic balance.
  • Create harmony in your relationships or manifest new ones.
  • Specific suggestions to enliven the Qi or energetic feel in your space using beautiful design solutions such as correctly placed lighting, natural stones, mirrors, or other objects that move, stimulate, or ground energy – not just traditional feng shui tools such as crystals, wind chimes, flutes, etc.
  • Personalized color suggestions to elevate your mood, calm or creatively inspire you.
  • Revealing subliminal messages in your space that may be influencing your thoughts, emotions and behavior.
  • Suggestions to physically represent your positive affirmations in visually creative ways.
  • Suggestions to set up the space to trigger productivity, motivation, calm or intimacy.
  • Removal of physical, visual and emotional clutter with new organizational strategies.
  • The benefits of working and living in a more harmonious, balanced and healthy environment.
  • A plan check analysis for new construction or remodels.
  • Visualizations and manifestation exercises when necessary or desired.
  • Suggestions to set up the space to harmonize an existing relationship or manifest a new one.
  • Suggestions to set up the space to feel more focused and activate your career goals.
  • See complete list on the Shambhalla Institute’s web site. This is Kim’s mother’s company, through which she continues to consult and teach feng shui and feng shui interior design.

Corporate, Office Or Retail Consultations May Also Include…

  • Work in an inviting space that foster natural, effortless interaction and uplifts mood.
  • Increase motivation, inspire creativity, and make your work more inspired.
  • Reinforce goals in visually creative ways.
  • Create engaging environments that define your brand’s aesthetic, values, and personalized message.
  • Overcome obstacles that can impede on profitability, community and continuity of a business.
  • Everything from the home consultation list above.

Real Estate & Design Professionals

Specialty fields such as real estate developers, real estate brokers and designers benefit from having us map out a strategic plan in terms of what to look for, how to remedy feng shui issues, or do a plan analysis at any stage of construction. This is helpful to expedite the sale of a property or enliven the feel of the space once completed.  Although we are an interior design firm, we work with other design or staging professionals, offering the perspective of feng shui only for their projects. We can work behind the scenes or directly with your clients. We also offer training specific to your field which can be set up at your firm upon request.

More Perks For Real-Estate Consultations…

  • Turn Your Real Estate Properties Faster.
  • Implement a Warm, Inviting Floor Plan That Makes Buyers Feel They Are At Home.
  • Validate Your Plan Before You Begin The Building. Let us review the layout, placement of architectural features including doors, statues, special features and windows.
  • Utilize feng shui before or after staging and with or without staging.
  • Evoke a visceral and emotional reaction from your homes – give your buyers a feeling of home the minute they step onto the property.
  • Utilize Sophisticated Architectural and Design Elements to Balance Energy rather than relying on traditional feng shui cures such as flutes, wind chimes, and crystals.

Extra Services

Upon request, we offer the following services world wide via Skype or Email.

  • Feng Shui House Blessing Ceremony – $225 **
  • Virtual Feng Shui Consultation – $225 (2 hours)
  • Feng Shui Plan Check* – $225
  • Personalized Feng Shui Chart**- $225
  • Feng Shui Floor Plan – $99 per room
  • Personalized Color Plan*** – $99
  • Follow up virtual session are available for any service above – $85 per hour

*A plan check gives home owners, architects or real estate agents an overview of the structural feng shui issues that may need to be resolved. We need a set of plans along with any detailed instructions that outline the design strategies.

**Our Personalized Feng Shui chart is an extensive map of your space that shows you where important areas are to focus on beyond what you already know as the basic bagua areas. Each chart outlines where structural issues exist with detailed suggestions for specific colors, shapes, natural elements, symbols and decorative items that stimulate your feng shui. We need a set of plans or hand written map with the directions indicated, photographs and photographs.

When To Book A Consultation

Consultations are suggested at every stage for home and business owners. Feng shui can be implemented into your existing space, even those that you have lived in for years or have been designed from top to bottom.

For new spaces, we can work with your real estate agent to find you a place that begins with positive feng shui, consult before you move in to give you strategic floor plan, or work with your architect or interior designer during any stage of the plans for new construction or remodels. There is virtually no wrong time to do feng shui, but it is always optimal to do it from the very beginning before big decisions are made.

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Read what her clients have to say about her innovative approac or learn more about Kim’s unique background in feng shui interior design.


In Person $175 per hr or Online $99 per hr

Where We Work

We see clients in Los Angeles, Orlando, Vancouver BC or virtually online anywhere in the world.

Feng Shui Classes

Group or private feng shui classes are offered though the Shambhalla Institute. In person introductory and certification classes are held throughout the year in Los Angeles, Orlando and Vancouver BC. Classes are also offered virtually online – via Skype – anywhere in the world*.

Related Consultations

Space Revitalization can be combined with feng shui as well as having a complete feng shui interior design consultation to shift the look and style of your space as well as bringing it into balance. Additionally Kim offers house blessing ceremonies through the Shambhalla Institute.

Feng Shui Tips

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* Online feng shui consultations via phone or skype with a hand drawn map (or set of plans), birth date & photographs.

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