Custom Designer Furniture

Custom Designer Furniture | Los Angeles

Often, the perfect piece of furniture ties everything together. You can complete the puzzle of your living or work space by enhancing your existing decor with a new custom piece of furniture. We are equipped to handle extensive furniture projects for remodels or small individual pieces. Whether you would like a custom kitchen, a unique bathroom vanity or a new coffee table, each custom piece can be crafted in many types of materials or styles, and be personalized to your sensibility. Whenever possible, Kim takes a sustainable approach, finding creative solutions to re-work your existing furniture or using eco-friendly materials.

Custom Office Or Retail Furniture

If you have an existing office or retail space that you would like to enhance with one or more custom pieces of furniture, we are set up to do small or large orders in any style. We work with most materials, but try to be sustainable in our approach whenever possible.

How To Get Started

If you would like to have a special piece of furniture designed by Kim Colwell for your home, kitchen, bathroom, office or retail space, contact us to set up a complimentary time to chat about your project. We will give you a bid if you know what you would like or schedule a consultation if you desire an expert opinion on the type of furniture that will look beautiful in your existing space, including details such as style, color, placement, scale, material options, etc.

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