This from our archived projects (well over ten years ago!) is still near and dear to our heart. Small office design is equal parts productivity, branded style, and warmth. Warmth was added because I believe that creating a level of comfortability in the place that you work can impact productivity in the way it connects you to your work, where as a cold uncomfortable environment can also have the opposite effect.

Years ago I took a LEED New Construction class and found that it overlapped heavily with the principles of both psychology and feng shui in interior design. It is always best to work in an environment that inspires you to be your best – most productive -self, bring focus to your goals, and feel as calm as you can while you are bringing those goals and to do list into fruition.

This section will offer tips to set up a healthy, stylish small office design that triggers a feeling of inspiration, motivation, and productivity, while enhancing your brand. We will include inspirational examples of small office design projects from around the globe.


I can’t tell you how many consultation clients I have had over the years that I have sat in an office that has no visual clues of what type of company they are, some without any name present, or anything present that would sell me on their services. When you walk into an office, the first thing that should happen is to trigger a feeling that goes with the atmosphere. For instance, a spa headquarters is selling a feeling of being rejuvenated or calmed, an advertising agency is selling creative ideas, a financial institution is selling structure, in many cases opulence, and needs to give you a feeling of trust and professionalism the minute you walk through the doors.

When I have a small office design project I pay special attention to branded colors, shapes, symbols, and gain a clear understanding of what they are selling. It is a dynamic process to create a space for someone that works on all these levels while being visually stylish and stimulating in a way that is right on brand for the company. I have always found that if you can do the design while bringing out some heart in smaller offices, it will create an atmosphere that both the staff, owners, and clients look forward to being in again and again….and that is what any company should want to achieve.


I used the color yellow in vibrant ways for this physical therapy studio for many reasons. It encourages you to feel more joyful, hopeful and alive which helps the healing process. It is hard to feel down when you are surrounded by such a vibrant color that could be the poster color for creating a FUN atmosphere. Having used this color scheme in three of their offices, it is part of what has branded them as a company and captures the incredible personalty of owner, Gail Pekelis who LOVES vibrant, fun, modern colors and design elements. She couldn’t have been more wonderful to work with all these years.


Small office design call for the right floor plans that will create an environment that draws you in. In this section you will find small office design examples that have a wonderful flow and give you that feeling that I am always looking for as you enter. The floor plan has a direct correlation to productivity in terms of how the light or air flow moves through the space and what you see as you work which effects our feeling of being stimulated, motivated and inspired, or the opposite effect such as feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or possibly even disgruntled when you come to work.


Another criteria that we work with is looking for healthy, sustainable, and smart solution offices that may use sustainable materials, set up the environment for the health of their employees, or have smart solutions such as using more modular items that allow for expansion without waste or other creative solutions to organization, etc.


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